Annie & Peter - Architectural Artifacts

I met Annie and Peter a year ago to shoot their portraits around the Thompson Center and to document the signing of their marriage license. We had a great time and a year later I was thrilled to shoot their wedding at Architectural Artifacts in Ravenswood. When we did our walk though I knew we were going to have a blast because they approach antiquing the same way I do: trying to find the creepiest shit possible. As soon as I saw the zodiac clock from the Schlitz factory I knew where we'd hang the dress and the rest is history.


Dayna & Damien - Warehouse Loft Wedding

After my engagement shoot with Dayna and Damien I knew their wedding was going to be a blast. They used Kenmare Loft for their ceremony and reception and took advantage of the moveable gallery walls to hang large prints of their engagement photos. We braved the winds on the roof for the skyline view and then took a lap through The Aviary and Headquarters for some group shots.  It was a pleasure working with them and they did a great job customizing the day to make it theirs from silver flowers to Damien closing out the night on the turntables. 

Lauren & Nick - October in Kentucky

Fall is my favorite season and Kentucky is just great so I really enjoyed the chance to celebrate both and shoot Nick and Lauren's wedding on his Dad's farm outside Louisville. With some work they flipped the barn into an amazing reception space full of paper cranes, candles, and hand cut paper banners. We had dramatic light, a bluegrass band, and the largest bonfire I've ever seen. 

Bonus: Claudia Sanders Dinner House was right around the corner so breakfast was huge. 

Solarise Opening Reception

I was excited to shoot the opening reception for Luftwerk's Solarise: A Sea Of All Colors in the Garfield Park Conservatory just to be able to check out the installation in person. Better still was getting the chance to catch Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a moment of peace taking in the exhibit. After a few moments to himself a young girl appeared at his side and he was happy to point out some elements to her.

Luftwerk artists Sean Gallero and Petra Bachmaier lit by their installation.

Luftwerk artists Sean Gallero and Petra Bachmaier lit by their installation.

Julia & Elliot - August Farmhouse Wedding

I had a great time with Julia, Elliot and their friends during their farmhouse wedding at the Greenhouse Bed and Breakfast in Kempton last month. They had a bunch of great handmade details like custom Shrinky Dink tags on succulent holding centerpieces and an on site screen printing op for wedding shirts. The farmhouse was a great setting for prep shots and provided room for lots of camping guests and in the end we were able to get some great portrait shots at dusk. I was also interested to learn about nearby Stelle, IL where the bridal party rented a house. It was formed as an intentional community in the 70s and remains a neighborhood sized cooperative community focused on sustainable living. 

Door County By Night

Lizi and I try to hide out in Wisconsin whenever possible. This Labor Day we were lucky to stay with her family in Ephraim and watch for Northern Lights over Green Bay every night. We also caught some fireworks and perhaps the best fried cheese curds I've had at the Sister Bay Marina Fest.